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At the Breakfast Table | Lili Fi Blog

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I guess I cannot complain about you using me

I would have done anything just to spend time with you

I was hooked on you but you only used me to pass the time

- now I just feel like a fool (via madnessoverload)


Find of the week: for just $2 extra I get double the volume of @cleanbody_clearmind almond milk! 😳 So glad I kept the smaller bottles! And how could I not? Just look at that face! 😊💕 Typeface that is 😄👍 (oh, and the almond milk is just so good! 👌😋) #notasponsoredpost #milkwithoutmoo #choccymilk #almondmilk #sogood!

Style For Men on… http://yourstyle-men.tumblr.com/post/91324385714

Brown over black | #menswear #pjt #pjohnson | PJ Roma brown herringbone jacket, black 3-ply trousers |

Sean O’Pry by Tetsu Kubota

Something sweet for the weekend: Chai Banana Cake